Separate Food Groups

My roommate and I, despite our shared love for  junk food and frozen, have what seems like very different dietary habits.

As with many roommate pairs, we initially bought groceries to share. We thought, hey, this way if he wanted to cook some of the chicken he can without worrying. If I wanted to drink some of the milk that will be no problems. Turns out, this was quite inefficient as these things just don’t happen.

My roommate does not cook anything except fry bacon to make his sandwiches, though he has now taken some of my frozen waffles and had that as breakfast. My roommate only drink diet soda and drinks, but I really can’t do drinks with fake sugar. It just does not taste at all real. I can do skim milk (sorry, Ron Swanson) but I can’t do Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, you name it.

I, on the other hand, insist on varying my diet. I will try to buy different meats, different vegetables to cook, perhaps pairing it with rice, noodles or salad. My roommate will say that this was not worth the “effort to calories ratio” as compared to the sandwiches, even though I guarantee you I don’t make fancy gourmet dishes. I’m just trying to improve my basic culinary repertoire.

So as of now we’ve agreed to buy food separately – as in the words of my roommate “the union of what we eat is very small.” If anyone understands set theory, imagine that Venn diagram. Only Bacon, Milk, Ham, Cereal and Bread are in the Union of the groups of what we eat.

I’d put ice cream in that group too – only if I get to it before he does!


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